Sunday, July 09, 2006

Italy (5) v France(3)

France have finally lost to Italy in penalties, this is not the negative Italian team we used to see that won tonight in Berlin. It is a team composed by Lippi in the form of Juventus, out goes egos, in comes unsung players-which in tern brought unity and belief to the Italian team. That is the difference between top managers and ordinary ones like Sven, Everyone though Sven was a top coach because he worked in Italy, but in actual fact he spent so much money to win Italian league with Lazio. But Lippi did it with some of the unknown players with Juventus in more than one occasion, added to that he won Champion League.

Let me come back to tonight game all the losers thought Zidane was out of character to react like that in the world cup final, I agree slightly only because I did not expect it from Zizou at the finality of his career, but in the other hand we don't know what that Marco Materazzi said to him to react like that. That wil come out one day in when Zidane talks.

I congratulate Italy for winning it specially Lippi and Del Piero, commiseration to the French team.

Adieu Zidane you will always be my hero no matter what, thank you for all the funs, tenacity you have contributed to the French and the world football in your mesmerizing move.

2010 World cup in South Africa Beckons.

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