Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Portugal 0-1 France

Zizu the master gives it all to the satisfaction of all French and non-French France supporters which includes me. O Portugal! Portugal! Portugal!, what happened the cat ate your tongue, revenge is sweet, Portugal thought they will go thorough to the final by f***** cheating I don't think so.

Play fair, win fair is the motto of the mass, but it is not in Portugal dictionary. Now you go home with nothing, and that little toe rug Ronaldo will not be getting a medal. As my friend always says "Everyday you learn" that sums it up for Portugal.

It is so pleasing to see Zidane scoring one of the most important penalty at the decisive time.
Thank you Zidane and co and see you soon in the final Match on Sunday. Life is to short people only remember those who do good in my mother earth.

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