Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The best, worst and ugliest from WC 06 Germany

Best Player: Zinédine Zidane (in Arabic زين الدين زيدان)

This man means a lot to me as a person and also as a footballer. First of all his ancestor are African origin which correlates by background. He has dynamism, he mesmerizes excitingly every time he touches the ball. His moves are the same in proportion of the feeling you get when you see Michael Jackson in Moon Walker. I feel the same feeling when I see as i feel when I am in Love, the guy has zest added to that he is no show of and have done a lot for France as you can see when Chirac Came out and praised him. Second would have been Fabio Cannavaro..

Worst Player: Cristiano Ronaldo

I have two words to say to him, Cheat and traitor. He would have been sent to Tower Bridge had it been pre-17th Century.

Best March: Argentina v Serbia & Montenegro

I know this is one sided but it reminded me of the Confederation Cup game Brazil played in 1997 pre-world cup 1998. I love passing football game and that is what I saw from Argentina, pure, clinical passing and exciting. And when you include the goal from Esteban CAMBIASSO after 24cpasses between the ten outfield Argentinean players.

Worst march: Netherlands v Portugal

All the blame goes to Portugal and the referee who is clueless.

Biggest joy: Zidane penalty

Unexpected way of scoring a penalty when every one expected it either left or right, and Zidane scoring with a flick.

And to see Graham Poll have a bot of egg on his face moment with the mistake of giving three yellow cards before sending a Croatian player and being sent home early consequently retiring from international refereeing. So never forget people what goes around comes around.

Worst Hypocrite: Jean-Marie Le Pen

Jean-Marie Le Pen said:" France cannot recognise itself in the national team". What is he complaining about can you imagine the American basketball team being criticized by George Bush for the lack of White players or Black 100 meter runners I don't think so. The answer is answered for him by the French public this little hypocrite employees black African as a servant as that how he sees Zidane I say to this Nazi go to hell and I know you are going there soon, what have you done for France nothing at least this players have won 1998 World Cup, 2000 European Championship, so know you should shut your mouth as you are nearing your death.


  1. Anonymous7:21 am

    Worst team surely goes to England.

    Christiano Ronaldo was great...the English only have themselves to blame.

  2. For under performing they would have to be. As a player playing in the premier league you don't have to behave like the way Christiano Ronaldo behaved. It might be acceptable in Spain, Italy or Portugal, but it is not acceptable in the UK.