Sunday, September 10, 2006

Photographers’ exhibition in Brick Lane...

I met three unique photographers at an art exhibition in Brick Lane, in East London today.
The first one was Monique Lawrence she took this photographs in Edinburgh, Scotland, unfortunately I can’t show you her photos as she does not have a website. She makes Scotland’s
Landscape appear jus like as if you are in an exotic country. With photos taken in a middle of a forest, in a farm and by a lake.

The second photographer was Richard Hayward, his exhibits was about a collection of photographs he took in a black family party, it looks as though he has documented it in an essay style with close up, portrait, group photos styles. He happens to mention to me that he only takes his photos using film, mostly Kodak infrared films.

Finally, I met Pekka Vermasvuo a Finish landscape photographer, he specifically wanted to lecture me about his photographs, but I only stood by him to listen about one of the Photo he took, which shows a stone covered fully with plants and flowers as a result of winter weather, you can’t see no of stone as it is fully covered.

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