Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vladimir Putin:Person of the Year 2007

Time Magazine chose Vladimir Putin as the person of the year for 2007.

His final year as Russia's President has been his most successful yet. At home, he secured his political future. Abroad, he expanded his outsize—if not always benign—influence on global affairs

In my view he has done a lot for better of Russia and Russians. And also if it was not for his and Russia interest USA we have attacked or invaded Iran by now. This does not mean I like the man, but he has brought stability to one of the biggest country in the world, where the Oligarch stole Russian resources such as gas and left millions of Russians in starvation and poverty, but those time have gone and there is more stability in Russia than in the USA, where the country is in debt and the economy is crippling and unemployment has risen so high.

For further details on why the Time magazine chose him person of the year in 2007 got to Time website.

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