Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech Massacre

Every time an incident like this happens the media along with the politicians question the motive of the suspect. Like calling him a loner and was referred to see a physiatrist, I must ask how many times have we heard every time a psychopath goes on a cleaning spree.

One other problem is the dependency on guns, and you can ‘t change 300 years history of gun culture as they depend on it, but you can do your out most to educate the public and but the sad truth is the government needs the business of selling guns and ammunition.

The suspected killer was not a young person, he was 23-yr-old Cho Seung-Hui majoring in English at Virginia Tech and should have taught about the consequences of killing fellow men, but he has gone beyond that and killed himself as well, this is a tragedy as it is in Iraq.

Never forget over three thousand US service men, over a hundred British servicemen and over six hundred thousand Iraqis are buried.

For further in depth details and images go to New York Times.

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  1. yea it's indeed a sad day.. Seems like the bloggers have a day of memorial for a day of silence today.