Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Man of the Year (2006) Robin Williams

In my way to and from a week visit to Virginia, Maryland, DC and New York I saw Man of the Year staring Robin Williams. It is a film about On a lark, the host of a late-night political talk show (Williams) decides to run for president. The thing is, he never expected to win. I think everyone should go and see it.

The second movie was The Illusionist staring Edward Norton, "A supernatural mystery that combines romance, politics and magic, The Illusionist is the latest film from the producers of the Oscar winners Crash and Sideways. The film stars Academy Award nominees Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti as two men pitted against each other in a battle of wits."

It is brilliantly acted by Edward Norton, add to that he was in London at the Imax cinema to discuss the movie which i missed. Overall advise movie goers to go and check it out.

The Final movie which I saw while in the Maryland was Norbit staring Edie Murphy, I had lost taste for Eddie's moves until I saw Norbit. The originality of the movie, the felzinesss and the way characters are portrayed is superb, this is a film for the whole family, I was laughing my heads of.

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