Monday, January 22, 2007

Are the British Holocaust deniers?

According to a poll by Yougov/ Jewish Chronicle of 1,855 British citizens, when asked "In some countries, though not the UK, ‘Holocaust denial’ is a criminal offence. That is, people
risk being sent to prison if they say publicly that the Holocaust did not happen. Do you think
the UK Parliament should or should not pass a law making ‘Holocaust denial' a criminal
offence?" 63% of them said should not pass such a law.

What do you think?


  1. yonas4:52 pm

    emekonnen, i really worry about you. entries like this make me think that this is a comedy blog.

  2. Dear Yonas,
    I don't know why you are concerning about me? As for "a comedy blog" what is comedy about it all I have presented here is facts created by a newspaper/ YOUGOV survey and wanted to share with the public. Where is the comedy in that?

  3. The comedy is the title: "Are the British Holocaust deniers?"

    How can one consider the British as Holocaust deniers simply based on a survey where 63% refused to outlaw Holocaust denial?! If the British vote to support gay rights, does that make Britons gay? That leap of logic is comical.

  4. No one is considering the British to which I adhere to as holocaust deniers and that is obvious and I don't have to spell that to you. But if you think the title is comical let’s agree to disagree.