Sunday, November 05, 2006

Time to go Rumsfield says ......

When you have lost respect of the American pubic, politicians, generals and now the Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times and Marine Corps Times is it not time to go?

Where is the American democracy when one person refuses the wishes of more than 70% American electorate.


  1. Yonas8:09 pm

    Gashe, ere let the US democracy do its work, we don't know the electorate's real view. Your 70% is from a poll, and they're not all that reliable. Rumsfield's resignation/sacking is deceptively attractive as it takes the focus off the incompetence of the whole administration who should be held accountable for the big mess the US is facing. I hope the US voters come out and kick the whole Bush gang out. Rummy alone is not good enough.

  2. Yonas,
    The majority of electorate view have been to side with the Republican party and it's time the decide against it.
    As for Rumsfield if it wasn't for him and Cheney and all those neo-cons there would not have been any war in Iraq,death of Iraqi people, over 3000 Americans soldiers over hundred British soldiers. If it wasn't for Rsumsfield there would have been alternative solution for the Iraq issue. Had he been a politician in the UK he would have left his job by now, and I know had it been a Democrat party leading USA he would have left by now. It is time for democracy to floursh in the USA.