Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Gary Younge, Stranger in A stranger Land.

How does it feel to meet the person aspire you on? that's the question, i have been asking myself since I was 12. I did that, by meeting the Guardian journalist Gary Yonge, in an east-end bookshop called Centerprise. The place is a bit of shoddy, it did not matter to him that a week before he was in New york city and now he is presenting his book review in a basement floor of a bookshop.

The event as a mentioned before was presented in conjunction with his the publishing of his book Stranger in a Strange Land, Encounters in the Disunited Sates. He went through the book section by section giving us a brief review of the book mentioned above.
He is very enchanting, easy to understand and full of fruitful knowledge abut the US, the government and the people.

His book covers all the articles he has covered since 2001 as a Guardian corespondent in USA, where he has been working since 1994.

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